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Customize your ONE & ONLY Carparelli electric guitar!!

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Carparelli Korea starts to get semi-custom orders for who wants her ONE & ONLY Carparelli electric guitar. Based on the models in our line-up, you can choose style, color and parts whatever you want. Moreover, you can order own options not in our list.


Ordering: List up your order options and submit to us. Even though you'll come to our shop to order in spot, the same submission will be available. When the order is accepted, our staff will check your details and contact via email or phone. Please check our contact about your options and limitations and pay as noticed. After your payment, we send the confirmation contact via email or phone and then start producing your customized Carparelli.

Time Required: Will be different following to our stock and difficulty of your order. Normally 3~4 months are needed, and we'll contact you when your guitar was made.

Options: Possible options are limitless. Please explain the detail via email.

Colors: You can choose color option in the whole or partially such as body, neck and head, etc. If there are no favorite color, please send the graphic file.

Payment: You can pay by Bank transfer or PayPal. Credit card is affordable when you visit our shop. It soon will be possible in website near future. Sorry for your inconvenience. Our price includes shipping fee.

Cancellation policy: Order can be cancelled and fully refunded when you cancel when the confirmation mail is sent. Please check your cancellation chance ASAP to contact with us. When we start to produce your guitar already, your order cannot be cancelled and there is no refund.

Please contact via phone (+82-70-4639-1589) or email (